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is the company successfully established in the petroleum products wholesale market and in the port bunkering of seagoing vessels since 2006. Over this period of time, the company has gained its reputation of a reliable, responsible and diligent partner, fulfilling its obligations in a timely manner. Aurora Navigator is specialized in working with Russian clients, by providing bunkering services for vessels registered under the Russian flag. 

Quality assurance.

The quality of the fuel we supply to our customers is one of our top priorities. We purchase petroleum products compliant with the international quality standard ISO 8217:2010, from proven producers, such as the: Komsomolsk refinery, Angarsk Petrochemical Company, Anzher Oil and Gas Company, Achinsk refinery, Transbunker Vanino and Khabarovsk refinery. 

In the process of delivering fuel on a buyer's vessel, safety procedures are carefully observed and fuel samples are taken for subsequent analysis, in accordance with international regulations of ship bunkering.


Delivery of fuel by bunker tankers.


The company carries out bunkering of seagoing vessels in the ports of Primorsky region by its four oil tankers (PATROKL, KORF, NIKA and SLV-311). Our own fleet enables us to make prompt deliveries with full control of fuel quality and technical processes.


Delivery of fuel to the buyer's door in tank containers. 

Aurora Navigator owns a number of tank containers (with a capacity of 25 m3 each). Tank containers make it possible to deliver petroleum products directly to the consumers by rail, road or sea transport and discharge fuel from a vessel onto a shore, unequipped for the transshipment of petroleum products. 


The additional advantages of implementing tank containers is that the quality of their contents remains untarnished, and that they can also be used as temporary storage for the fuel.


Aurora Navigator provides tank container rental services. Contact us to find out the rates and rental terms.  

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